Emotional Self Validation is Easier Than You Think

Emotions can be difficult to deal with on their own. What makes them harder to handle is not being sure of what you’re feeling. You know how it goes… you find yourself in a situation and you walk away unsure of what really happened. You may feel offended. You may feel unhappy. You may even feel like you were downright insulted. The truth is, you are right about them all.

Emotions are fluid and you can feel 3 or 4 different emotions in less than a minute. The problem is you may have bought into what “they” say about being overly sensitive. It could also be that you have been an emotional personal all of your life but you didn’t quite know how to manage them so you lost relationships or people shy away from you when sensitive situations come about. Let me share a great tip with you that will help you in those tough times. It will help you manage in the moment and not overreact. I want you to be able to walk away from that moment with your self-respect and dignity intact.

In most situations, you will begin to feel your feelings rising. Maybe the hair on the back of your neck will stand up or you begin to feel really hot and start to sweat. Don’t worry, that is just your body telling you that you are in a situation that you don’t particularly care for. Take a deep breath. You were made for this. Not really, but you’ll get through it anyway.

When you take that deep breath don’t make it visible. Some people thrive on getting to you. Don’t show them it’s working. Just keep breathing and make it your mission to get through. Next acknowledge that what you are feeling physically and emotionally is real. Why? Because you are feeling it. No one can tell you that you’re not. A lot of times, we teeter back and forth with the idea of a feeling and we just manage to confuse ourselves. We end up more frustrated at ourselves than the situation itself. As I mentioned before, even if you experience 4 emotions in a row, allow yourself to feel them and they won’t last as long.

Excuse yourself as soon as possible. If you aren’t able to leave altogether, please get to the bathroom or someplace you can be alone to compose yourself. Do this as many times as necessary in order to get through the ordeal. Validating your emotions and your allowance to feel them is the first step on your journey to emotional health & wellness.

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sophia antoine