Do, Delegate, or Delete. What’s Your Time Worth?

Do, Delete, or Delegate

Yesterday I attended an empowerment conference. I wanted to put myself in a position to be able to add more value to the lives of my readers, those who spend time with me on Periscope, and my friends on Instagram. Well, the speakers didn’t disappoint. I left there with more than enough to keep you guys motivated for the next 6 months. So without further ado, let’s get to the reason why were are here.

We all have to do lists. Whether we write our lists down or leave the information in our heads to make us crazy all day long; there is a list. We will discuss the importance of making lists another time, but for those of us interested in crushing our existing lists, this is dedicated to you.

Decide What You Will DO

This requires an in-depth evaluation of your things to do. You have to decide what YOU have to do. These are things that no one else can do except you. For example, if you have an appointment scheduled, you know you have to attend, but if there is a question about who will make the beds in the morning; that can be delegated to someone else. Once your priorities are clear, follow these steps:

  • Tackle the hard things first. No one likes to do hard tasks. Well, I sure don’t. So I try to get them out of the way in the very beginning of the day. I realize that isn’t always possible, but the concept is to get them don’t as soon as you can in order to just be done and have it off your plate. The relief you feel afterwards will be amazing. Having conquered the most daunting task of the day will give you such momentum that you will more than likely get everything else done with record speed.
  • Work diligently in order to get things done. The Pomodoro Technique is a great way to implement this step. You would set a timer for 25 minutes and work on your task until the time is up. If, while working, a distracting thought pops into your head, write it down and get back to work. At the conclusion of the 25 minutes, take a short break. After the break is over, set your timer for another 25 minutes and you’re back at it.

Decide What You Will DELEGATE

Delegating should be a lot easier now that you recognize they tasks only you can complete. A strong support system is required in order for delegation to work. There is no sense in delegating a task to someone that has proven themselves unreliable. Please make sure you choose your help wisely. Not doing so will add stress to your already full plate.

  • When passing along tasks to someone else, please keep in mind that the person you assign tasks to will more than likely NOT complete it as you would. This is the key to delegation being successful. Mind over matter. This was the most difficult part of the process for me. I had to have my hand in everything. EV-ER-REE-THING. Not until I made peace with “it” being done by someone did I gain peace in my daily life.
  • Another great side effect of delegation is that it builds trust. If you decide to give one or two small tasks to someone has yet to prove themselves, it will be a great way to gauge what types of tasks that person can handle. Keep the information handy for future reference.

Decide What You Will DELETE

If you thought it was difficult to delegate, just wait until you have to delete tasks from your list. I have come to realize that not everything has to be done today. It’s okay to put them on a list of things that will get done some time in the future. Some tasks should be eliminated altogether. I am guilty of it too. My list would be a mile long if I didn’t keep tasks in their proper perspective. There are no bullet points for this step because it’s cut and dry.

By implementing these tactics, your lists will stop intimidating you. You will no longer spend your day trying to get ahead, you will get ahead and will do so with lightning speed.

Let me know how it goes, will you?

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